«Angels booking» provide services for corporate events (birthdays, anniversaries, professional holidays, theme parties, mass events, festivals, promotions)!

Depending on the event we are assisting in the selection of artists and hosts, We provide assistance in placing information on the world wide web and print resources as well as technical support for the sound.

Responsible approach to each event will surprise your guests and partners of impeccable organization of celebration.

We help talented artists and groups to become known, and the event - an unforgettable experience!

Best regards,

Irina Angelova

General Producer


Corporate party is a corporate holiday that we will make for you unforgettable. Main goal in the organization of corporate holidays is the formation of a unique company history and traditions, strengthening of community and friendly atmosphere, motivating and encouraging employees to identify leaders and hidden talents. For any company, it's not simple way of relaxation and an informal chat with col-leagues, but a part of the corporate identity.

A birthday or anniversary - it is a flight of fancy. Everyone knows that the birthday is not only a great way to gather all the relatives and close friends, but also an opportunity to demonstrate a certain result, to share with loved ones remarkable achievements and the story of life. To have a big celebration, not only for yourself, but for the people going with you for many years. Therefore, we believe that the birthday must necessarily remain beautiful and fun, the most memorable and enjoyable event.

Your wedding is a day to remember by everybody who are lucky enough to visit it, to say nothing about the actual heroes of the celebration. Thrills and fond memories of the wedding will remain forever in the heart of the loved ones and family. Probably no one would argue with the fact that the wedding - a joyous, fun and very responsible action. Successful ceremony requires experience and efficient organization of all the nuances. It is so important to correctly calculate the time to prepare because at certain time of the year the weddings days are going one after another. Your wedding - congratulations and transport, host and place of celebration, program and entertainment - everything you need for successful and bright holiday will be provided and ensured by our company. The best reward for us will be the happy faces and smiles of you and your guests.

Anniversary of the organization is a kind of summing up a line under years of legacy projects and relationships, the origin of new victories and achievements. This is logical and appropriate solemn part of an official appeal and congratulations. Celebrating round of corporate dates is quite special occasions requiring skillful, subtle, sensitive approach to the creation of the event that we can deliver.

- confined to a calendar event (New Year, March 8, etc.)

Give your team a real fairy tale and make an exciting holiday in the whirlwind of joy and fun can make real professionals

t is a real celebration, bright and memorable event that combines all the best traditions of the past and innovation of today. The organization of the professional holiday is always based on the idea of prestige sphere of working activity. That's why we just arrange it to be a wonderful holiday to accent the importance and urgency of work you and your colleagues.

Do you want to make your holiday unforgettable and simply enchanting? Then order the fireworks - it will bring you so much joy, that last for a year up to the next holiday! Flight lights limitless - it can be a beautiful expression of love or multicolored fountains, and perhaps you want a colorful picture of fire. Every year fireworks introduce new interesting effects, and we will find exactly what you need! Celebratory fireworks will not leave you indifferent, it will be a worthy end of your celebra-tion and will be subsequently remembered as a wonderful and fascinating dream.

Maximum easy and convenience when ordering the short or long-term rental of cars, buses and vans of various brands. The best brands of new cars of the world's automotive industry at the disposal of our customers. You will be happy with the quality of service and professionalism and punctuality of drivers.

* restaurants, clubs, recreation centers...

Choosing your site, which will host a ceremony, is much more complex and demanding task than one would think. Of course, it is important to find a site that would be in harmony with the atmosphere of the event, had the capacity and can be equipped with all necessary facilities. We will select, propose and rent a restaurant or cafe, park or boat, etc.



* JBL MP 410 2 x 200W speaker system
* Crown XLS 402 400W / channel amplifier
* Beringer Xenix 1222FX -1 pc.
* JTS radio microphone -1 pc.
* Bespeco microphone stand 1 pc.
* Switching (kit)

* JBL JRX 112m 2 x 300W speaker system
* Crown XLS 402 400W / channel amplifier
* Beringer Xenix 1222FX -1 pc.
* JTS radio microphone -1 pc.
* Bespeco microphone stand 1 pc.
* Switching (kit)

* Yamaha 115 C 2 x 1000W speaker system
* Crown XTi 4000 2000W amplifier
* Allen-Heath Zed 22 -1 pc.
* Shure SLX 24 -1 microphone
* Proel microphone stand 1 pc.
* Switching (kit)

* Yamaha stage custom birch
* Yamaha stage custom maple
* Yamaha stage custom advantage nouveau
* Yamaha Gig Maker
* Tama Imperial star
* Tama Super Star

* Laney 65R
* Crate 212
* Fender Frontman 25R
* Ibanez TBX 65R
* Laney RB 4

* Audio-Technika microphone
* Shure SLX 24 radio microphone
* JTS radio microphone
* Audix F5 microphone
* Audio-Technika ATM27 HE microphone
* Senheizer E 835 microphone
* Beyer XG 58 microphone
* JTS TK-600 microphone



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